About VTL

Vital Traffic Labs was established in November of 2016 after seeing first-hand the challenges with 3rd party lead generation firms. Our founding team comes from the trenches of sales and marketing, and created VTL to eliminate industry cliche's and provide incredible value to our clients. 8 years in, we have been a crucial partner in the journey of countless start-ups on their way to greatness. We like to think that we are accomplishing that mission.

Founding Team

David Schlais

David Schlais has over 10 years working in the Cyber Security industry. Prior to starting VTL, he lead business development at NetSPI, where he saw first hand the challenges and shortcomings of 3rd party firms in the space. During his time there he opened up greenfield territories and brought in marquee accounts like Nike, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, and more.

Derek DeMike

Derek DeMike has been in sales for decades. Prior to starting VTL, he ran sales across a variety of segments at Thompson Reuters / FindLaw. He is still known today as the rep that exceeded quota by so much that they needed to restructure the compensation plan

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