The Most Trusted Vendor in Lead Generation

VTL provides the highest quality leads to the most innovative and demanding organizations. 


Trusted by the Most Innovative and Demanding Organizations

The Modern Revenue Growth Approach

  • Paid advertising and inbound demand generation:¬†We design or supplement your paid advertising strategy to get you in front of customers
  • Outbound + ISR:¬†Our team of expertly trained rep's does outbound on your behalf to your ICP and books SQL's on your teams calendar
  • ‚ÄčIntent Management:¬†¬†We tie in with your intent investments or recommend tooling to get in front of hand raisers that are actively in market
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Finally, a 3rd Party Demand Generation Firm That Delivers

SIEM Provider

In only 6 months VTL was able to generate over $8 million in sales qualified pipeline growth to key enterprise accounts in North America.

OT Security Platform

VTL took a SaaS OT security organization from $0 to $4 million ARR in 18 months - beating out key incumbent vendors and the biggest competition.

Web3 Marketing Agency

After setting up in less than 7 days, VTL was able to deliver over 20 SQL's in the first 30 days of partnering with a leading Web3 Marketing Agency.

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Like a CMO meets VP of Sales..but better.

Smart SaaS Founders know how to collapse time - They win because their appointment setting processes work as well as the applications that they build. Our Simple, Easy process is simple to set up -and provides the fast results that VTL is known for across the industry!

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Why Do Companies Love VTL?

Omnichannel Coverage

Have one agency that manages your entire demand generation strategy. No more playing conductor between several 3rd party vendors. This means better results with less back and forth.

Increased Tool ROI

We will assess your current GTM tooling, make recommendations on the most economical solutions to add to your portfolio, and increase utilization on your existing investments

Leading Edge Results

Demand generation doesn't need to be a guessing game. With the right strategist and experience, lead generation becomes a lever that you can pull. Our deliverable is booked appointments, all day every day.

Tired of Low Quality Leads That Don't Show? So Were We.

VTL was founded out of frustration with existing lead generation options in the market. Our founding team consists of enterprise business development and growth leaders who have felt your pain. We started VTL to solve this challenge.

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The Trusted Partner to The SaaS Community

Start-ups trust VTL because we cater to their specific needs. We are more than just a "lead generation" firm - We are a strategist that is able to roll up their sleeves and deliver the conversations that are going to make a difference - no matter the stage of the business!

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